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Prof. Sergio Noviello

The Sergio Noviello Academy springs from the dream of Professor Noviello to spread – together with a pool of international experts – the knowledge acquired during long years of experience and research.

A pioneer of the discipline whose wish is to put the proficiency achieved at the service of science and the well-being of patients.

The quest for knowledge has accompanied me in my education and in life. I crave to understand, I crave to learn but above all, I crave to teach.

Prof Sergio Noviello

Bloodless Atraumatic Technique - BAT

The exceptional knack for innovation and the commitment to excellence have led Prof. Noviello to develop the BAT technique, a surgical methodology applicable to most interventions. Since the procedure limits tissue trauma and intraoperative blood loss, the great majority of patients can recover within 24/48 hours. A quick and safe healing compared to the convalescence that follows traditional techniques, and which is today adopted also in Aesthetic Medicine in order to guarantee natural and harmonious results, with a net reduction in post-treatment discomfort and sideeffects.
The Sergio Noviello Academy is an opportunity to learn sophisticated methodologies and applications, including BAT, revolutionising one’s own expertise in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.

Sergio Noviello Academy