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The Tricks of Filler Augmentation

Knowing the anatomy of the face is essential to be able to perform an
aesthetic medicine treatment. A doctor’s lack of understanding of the
complex network of facial muscles, nerves and especially arteries and
veins can turn a simple injection into an unpleasant side effect.
Any professional, aesthetic doctor, dermatologist, ENT, aesthetic or
maxillofacial surgeon, who decides to inject any product into an area of
the face, must absolutely have an excellent knowledge of both the
clinical anatomy and that of the chosen district. Not only the anatomy of
the surface must be taken into consideration, but all the underlying
planes including the skin, the musculo-aponeurotic plane, the
subcutaneous tissue, the skeletal structure and all relevant vascular and
nerve components.
Finally, a modern concept of aesthetic medicine, such as the Bloodless
Atraumatic Technique (BAT), cannot escape from the reduction of
immediate and post-treatment side effects. It is precisely in this direction
that a perfect knowledge of anatomy allows the reduction of
unnecessary trauma, edema, swelling and bleeding, improving the
patient’s general experience.

Upper Third of the Face
Supraorbital region
Anatomy of the supraorbital region
Anatomy of the orbicular muscle of the eye
Anatomy of the frontalis muscle, corrugator, eyebrow depressor, procerus
Anatomy of the levator muscle of the eyelid
Supraorbital and supratrochlear arteries, veins and nerves
Hyaluronic acid injections
Danger Zones
Temporal Region
Superficial temporal fascia
Superficial temporal artery anatomy
Deep fascia
Hyaluronic Acid injections: superficial injection – microcannula technique,
deep bolus injection
Danger Zones

Mid Third of the Face and Infraorbital Region
Superficial and Deep Fat compartments
Infraorbital region anatomy
Anatomy of the Sub-Orbital Region
Anatomy of the Tear Trough
Zygomatic Region
Injection techniques
Danger Zones

Anatomy of the Nasal region
Arteries of the nasal pyramid and anastomosis
Injection techniques
Danger Zones

Anatomy of the lips
Anatomy of the peribuccal region
Superior labial artery
Inferior labial Artery
Orbicularis oris muscle
Depressor anguli oris muscle
Depressor labii inferioris
Mentalis muscle
Injection techniques
Danger Zones

Lower Third of the Face
Anatomy of the lower third
Facial Artery and Facial Vein
Mandibular ligament
Superficial fat compartments
Mental foramen
Injection techniques
Danger Zones

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