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Lower Face, Non Surgical Rhinoplasty, Logical Beauty Harmony (Advanced Course)

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Workshop lower face, non surgical rhinoplasty, logical beauty harmony (advanced course)

18 December 2021


Exclusive Sergio Noviello Academy’s Advanced Workshop for Egyptian Dermatologists

Program of the day 


Hyaluronic Acid modern application in the correction of the defects and in the aesthetic enhancement of the lower third of the face and jawline.

Lower facial anatomy, aesthetics, assessment.
Identify the individual needs of the district in terms of fine wrinkles, deep wrinkles, lack of volume, shape and structural support for natural results.
Texas Jawline.

Minimizing complications: constant attention to local anatomy, particularly arteries, veins, and nerve bundles is critical for reducing risks with injectables.

Technology e Rheology: how to choose the perfect filler for the lower third and the nose.

Logical Beauty Harmony System, Natural Shape and Danger zones.

Aesthetic, Aging, Assessment, Anatomy of the nose.
Injectable fillers for the nose and rejuvenation of the midface and the profile of the face.

Treatment and fillers for frontonasal angle, the dorsum, the nasolabial angle, and the columella to shape and contour the nose.

Risk and complications, including blindness and necrosis.


Live Sessions

Patient Analysis

From the use of traditional injection technique to the Bloodless Atraumatic Technique: the use of a careful, sequential and methodical injection technique is mandatory in all treatment settings for these areas.
Decrease in side effects rate after adopting BAT.

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Saturday 18 December 2021
Start on 18 December 2021
Location Athens

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