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Ingenious, considerate, open to dialogue.. this is how colleagues define Prof. Noviello, after working alongside him over the years in training worldwide. From Italy to France, from England to Spain from the U.S. to Brazil, passing through Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Training activities that took off nearly twenty years ago through theoretical and practical internships, live medical and surgical sessions, specialisation courses, congress seminars and workshops in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, have all materialised into long-lasting collaborations. Commencing November 2005, Dr. Noviello has held the official post of Professor at the Post Graduate School of Aesthetic Medicine in Milan, which he ardently supports as a breeding ground for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Noviello is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Studies, Catania (Sicily).

This passion for teaching have spawned the Sergio Noviello Academy whose International Scientific Committee offers a decisive and institutionally qualifying contribution in the design and development of training, educational, cultural and research activities that it has been promoting in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.

Why the Sergio Noviello Academy?

Due to the exceptional level of interest and the spiralling demand for solutions that Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery provide, the need of qualified skills in this field keeps on growing exponentially. Joining the courses offered by the Sergio Noviello Academy represents the best opportunity for satisfying such demand.

International Scientific Board,
Global Excellencies

The International Scientific Board of the Sergio Noviello Academy comprises 17 members hailing from Europe, North America, South America and Asia. All are highly qualified and renowned worldwide as Key Opinion Leaders in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.

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Enhance the degree of self-confidence and trust in one’s abilities 2

Training in the Sergio Noviello Academy is based on Modules dedicated to specific Anatomic Areas. The possibility of observing and taking part in live sessions on patients, availing of high-technology tools, under the close supervision of experts, will enhance the degree of self-confidence and trust in one’s own abilities, increasing the capabilities for exercising the profession with renewed enthusiasm.
Students of the Sergio Noviello Academy will be able to immediately put to the test all the technical concepts and unleash their talent.

The Sergio Noviello Academy enables its participants to: 3
  • boost their capabilities in virtue of intensive theoretical and practical courses
  • improve their career prospects
  • accomplish their full potential
  • hone their mastery and knowledge, thanks to constant and live refresher courses, also in the light of ministerial regulations (CME, Continuing Medical Education)
  • build their network of relationships and contacts
  • obtain technical consultancy services and professional support
Excellence and Technique 4

The Sergio Noviello Academy is not a place where expertise and notions are transmitted in a passive manner: it’s a community-oriented ambience that facilitates the meeting of minds, where the exchange of know-how, experience and ideas is ongoing. A vision that is applied both during the courses and in live sessions, with the goal of teaching specific techniques so that participants can improve their performance on patients, over a very short period of time.

Innovation and Safety 5

Innovation and Safety have always been the keywords for Prof. Noviello. An uninterrupted challenge that constantly endeavours to research new techniques and strategies, also thanks to regular international-scientific studies, with patients always at the core. The reduction in complications in the short and long term, and the endless analysis of results have always been the cornerstones of a professional evolution. In such context, the Sergio Noviello Academy presents itself as a guiding star for every professional in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.

A team of close-knit tutors

The Tutors of the Sergio Noviello Academy have been selected for their level of clinical excellence and teaching competencies. Every Tutor will tailor the teaching methods to the individual requirements of participants, for the sake of harnessing their maximum technical potential.

Dr. Konstantinos Gritzalas

Dr. Massimiliano Tocchio

Dr. Andrea W. Maroni

Dr. Gualtiero Cogliandro

Sergio Noviello Academy