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Dott Sergio Noviello Medico estetico

A unique experience, the most frequent comment heard from participants in Prof. Noviello’s Training.
A one-of-a-kind educational opportunity. A vast programme of classes which dwell on the techniques in vogue in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.

A Scientific Committee with members from around the world, a top-level training through innovative workshops in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, didactic programmes involving a very high degree of research, new teaching formulas: this is the Sergio Noviello Academy.
Because knowledge is useful only when shared. And nothing helps deepen knowledge, and new discoveries, as effectively as sharing it with the greatest number of minds.

Each module features a theoretical and practical session of four hours each, with extensive live and video periods. These are followed by online Distance Learning (FAD) specialisation modules of 8 hours. All courses include the award of CME credits.

Tutors selected for the Sergio Noviello Academy provide a solid guidance and support throughout the training, representing a methodology focused exclusively on students and their capacity, based on the full and tangible sharing of expertise, relating to both medicine and surgery.

Degree in Medicine and Surgery.

Post-Graduate Diploma in Aesthetic medicine or equivalent title.
Doctors undergoing specialization or in possession of a Diploma of Specialization in Medical or Surgical Disciplines. Specific courses are planned for graduates in Dentistry.

Applications to courses in the Sergio Noviello Academy must be submitted to

Sergio Noviello Academy