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International Scientific Board


The International Scientific Board of the Sergio Noviello Academy offers a decisive and institutionally qualifying contribution in the design and development of training, educational, cultural and research activities that it has been promoting in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. Moreover, in agreement with the Scientific Director, the members of the International Scientific Committee define the Academy’s field of research, manage the annual selection of new contents and guidelines and constantly monitor students in their Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery syllabus. In addition to ensuring an elevated quality level of the Academy’s initiatives, the International Scientific Committee facilitates communication with Universities as well as Italian and foreign Research Centres.

Dr. Georges Stergiou

Dr. Sabine Maier - Sergio Noviello Academy

Dr. Sabine Maier

Dr. Abdolhamid Sharifian - Sergio Noviello Academy

Dr. Abdolhamid Sharifian

Dr. Natalia Volkova - Sergio Noviello Academy

Dr. Natalia Volkova


Why they joined the Academy:

"First of all I’d like to thanks for this new and kind invitation. You are incredible my friend! Always with new ideas, challenges, dreams and projects. It will be a great pleasure and honor to be part of this selected and qualified team of Sergio Noviello Academy."

Dr. Alberto Goldman

Dr. Alberto Goldman

Sergio Noviello Academy International Scientific Board
Sergio Noviello Academy