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Buttock Contouring and Gluteal Augmentation with HA

Workshop buttock contouring and gluteal augmentation with ha

4 May 2024

Preoperative evaluation, Clinical anatomy, procedures, patient safety and complications.


In recent years, there has been an unprecedented demand for buttock
enhancement procedures, evolving from implants to liposuction with fat grafts, and most recently, hyaluronic acid (HA) fillings.
Understanding the ethnic and anatomical nuances between male and female buttocks is paramount. The conventional android gluteal shape often lacks fullness in the lateral buttocks, requiring careful consideration.
The subcutaneous fat layer emerges as the safest site for HA injections, minimizing the risk of complications. Achieving an ideal Hyaluronic Acid formulation demands a high-cohesive gel, ensuring smoothness, lift capacity, and immediate filling effects.
The Sergio Noviello Academy presents a specialized technique (the
Multilayer Technique), for both female and male gluteal augmentation and body reshaping. Utilizing unique assessment (Logical Beauty Body Harmony), precise markings, a secure plan, and innovative products, this course caters to individuals seeking buttock enhancement without surgical intervention.
This course in English offers medical professionals an opportunity to delve into advanced techniques, understanding the intricacies of Buttock Contouring and Gluteal Augmentation with HA. It equips practitioners with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the rising demand for noninvasive aesthetic procedures, enhancing patient outcomes and satisfaction.


The course is structured into two main sections:

Discusses the History of Body Contouring, Logical Beauty Body Harmony, and considerations for both Female and Male patients.
Covers the anatomy of the body including Subcutaneous Tissue, Muscles, Bones, Arteries, Veins, Infragluteal Sulcus and Fold, and Gluteal Danger Zones.
Focuses on the practical aspects of the procedure including the use of
Hyaluronic Acid, Exclusion Criteria, Safety measures, Rheology, Areas of Treatment, Plane of Injection, the Multilayer Technique, Shape and Projection considerations, Assessment methods, Markings, Dosages, Materials, Anesthesia, Syringes and Needles, Discussion points, Bloodless Atraumatic Technique, Postoperative Instructions, and Technique Limitations.
Summarizes key points and takeaways from the theoretical portion.




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Saturday 4 May 2024
Start on 4 May 2024

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