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Filler for the face – Middle third and non-surgical rhinoplasty

Workshop filler for the face – middle third and non-surgical rhinoplasty


Hyaluronic acid modern application in the correction of the defects and in the aesthetic enhancement of the middle third of the face and of the nose

This second course of a three-part series addresses techniques and recommendations for aesthetic treatment of the midface and non surgical rhinoplasty. Injectable fillers are important for rejuvenation of the midface by replacing lost volume and providing structural support. Fillers are used for volumization and contouring of the midface regions, including the upper cheek and lid-cheek junction and the submalar and preauricular areas.

Also, treatment of the frontonasal angle, the dorsum, the nasolabial angle, and the columella may be used to shape and contour the nose. The midface is considered an advanced area for treatment, and injectors are advised to obtain specific training, particularly when injecting fillers near the nose, because of the risk of serious complications, including blindness and necrosis. Injections made in the midcheek must be performed with caution to avoid the infraorbital artery.

  • Aesthetics of the periorbital area and cheeks
  • Aging of the periorbital area and cheeks
  • Assessment of the periorbital area and cheeks
  • Anatomy of the periorbital area and cheeks
  • Filler injection technique for indications in the periorbital area
  • Aesthetics of the nose
  • Aging of the nose
  • Assessment of the nose
  • Anatomy of the nose
  • Filler injection technique for indications in the nose
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • Live session video transmission
Dettagli Workshop
Location Milan
Address Via Fabio Filzi, 25/A, 17th floor
Programma Work in progress

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