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Hyaluronic acid modern application in the aesthetic enhancement of the lips: Bloodless Atraumatic Technique (BAT)

Although lip injection is considered a simple technique, we often observe poor quality results. An aesthetic improvement of the lips involves many precautionary considerations. Contour and shape are frequently effective more than lip augmentation alone. We should focus on enhancement and not inevitably on increase in size, establishing a procedure based strictly on anatomy and harmony in order to determine the cosmetic necessity and the suitable solution. Patient examination is mandatory and should involve assessing superior and inferior labial units, shape, contour, projection, volume, support, asymmetries, patient’s smile and facial ageing.

Traditional injection techniques are often linked to long lasting swelling, bruising and asymmetry. Bloodless Atraumatic Technique consists of a schematic lip analysis combined with an infiltration technique that do not traumatize the relevant anatomical structures of the lips.

Technique of injecting is really important, and requires basic knowledge of anatomy of the lips, sourrounding structures, and adequate medical devices. The final goal must be lip enhancement and not only pure augmentation.

There are harmony rules which can support us to get the ideal lips position and projection.

Medical injection technique and materials have been refined and selected to reduce all kind of trauma to lip tissues, and to virtually eliminate bleeding and blood soaking into tissues, causing pain, swelling and inflammation and increasing risks of complications. Implementing detailed medical methods and products allow to reach an atraumatic enhancement. The doctor has the possibility to inject the lips for adequate contour, projection, volume, shape and support while preventing over 99% of bleeding that would normally occur with traditional strategies, where less importance is given to technique in term of anatomy, planes of injection, modality of infiltration, materials and instrumentations.

Implementing detailed medical infiltration techniques based on anatomy and materials allow dramatic reduction of trauma to tissues, bruising, pain and swelling. The favorable reduction in tissue trauma and bleeding using the processes, the techniques and the materials described results in decrease in pain, edema and ecchymosis, and return to normal activities within 1 to 2 hours.

The Bloodless Atraumatic Technique allows to enhance the lip with control and precision without violating important and sensitive anatomical structure like mucosa, labial arteries and orbicularis oris muscle which reduces pain, postoperative discomfort, swelling, bruising, long lasting edema and the possibility of infection. The BAT is a sequential method based on patient’s aesthetic need that can reduce infiltration errors and can yield predictable and reliable results. The superficial submucosal plane of injection suggested reduces the amount of hyaluronic acid needed to achieve lip enhancement, at the same time increasing the lenght of outcomes.

  • Aesthetics and harmony of the perioral area and lips
  • Assesment of perioral area and lips
  • Anatomy of perioral area and lips
  • Ageing of the perioral area and lips
  • BAT – Bloodless Atraumatic Technique
  • Injection Technique
  • Fillers
  • Anesthesia
  • Profile
  • Projection
  • Volume
  • Shape
  • Support
  • Live Session Video transmission


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